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FNI DecisionCore™ is a flexible, inclusive, credit decision management engine. Schedule a demo with our resident fintech experts.

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Lender Autonomy

A credit decision platform cannot be industry-leading without considering the industry, itself. Lenders benefit from the ability to manage strategies in their entirety, if preferred.


Our loan origination platform doesn’t live in a box, and neither does the accompanying strategy engine. FNI DecisionCore™ is configurable through and through.

Intelligent Flexibility

Building a credit decision strategy means building a strategy that works for lenders and borrowers. Experience flexibility with safeguards in place to ensure performance and security.

Advanced Decisioning

With decades of experience in credit decision strategy, this release of the FNI credit decision strategy engine is the ideal balance between smarter existing features and innovative feature introductions.

Test, Validate, Advance

Test and validate decision strategies, and utilize the most accurate information and smartest path to advancing business with the right borrower.

Lender Capabilities

More than ever, lenders have the capability to manage credit decision strategies with a robust and user-friendly workflow platform.

Action-Based Flows

With workflows assignable to a lending action, lenders benefit from the configurable actions tied to any segment of your lending workflow. Work with prebuilt actions, or build what works best for you.

Workflow Management

Workflow management is a key focus of FNI DecisionCore™. A lender workflow portal has been specifically designed to access to every tool needed in order to design the smartest lending workflows.


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The creativity of the FNI team, when faced with complex challenges, and expeditious approach to meeting project deadlines makes them an outstanding partner.

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Introducing FNI DecisionCore™

Introducing lender autonomy and our smartest, most powerful decision engine.
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