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Beyond The Box

Flexible Loan Origination Software

Learn About the FNI Blueprint LOS Platform
Defining Loan Origination Software

Your business doesn't live in a box, and neither should your loan origination software. The core components of the customizable FNI Blueprint platform allow for a cost-effective build. We start with 30 years of understanding common lender requirements and expand with your specific needs.

Build your business. Don't worry that your loan origination platform will keep up.

A Loan Origination Software Platform Built on Your Industry

FNI Auto Blueprint

Flexibility, meet customization. FNI Blueprint provides a library of easy-to-use and configurable modules, allowing for each of our auto lending customers to create a dashboard, workflow, and decisioning process that fits their business and grows along with it.

FNI Solar Blueprint

The FNI Blueprint solar loan origination software product is as dynamic as the industry itself. We apply our decades of lending experience to shed light on the solar financing process through speed, efficiency, property data, and configurability.

FNI Retail Blueprint

Credit origination software should act as an extension of the sales team, ensuring that accurate information is used in order to make the right credit decision and send the customer home happy. Accurate and fast credit decisions have a direct correlation to an increase in retail sales.

FNI Finance Blueprint

Decision accuracy is extremely important in unsecured finance. The FNI Strategy Engine paired with the ability for easy manual decisioning through the Credit Workbench ensures that each and every decision is correct. Plus, it works seamlessly with our banking and finance customers' existing workflows.


Work with our team of LOS architects to design, build, and launch a platform that meets your specific advanced requirements.

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Our Customer Success

We chose FNI due to their deep consumer credit expertise, which allowed us to build a highly configurable institutional platform without a large upfront capital investment. The FNI team works side-by-side with our team through every step to quickly react to new opportunities that have helped us grow our business. Their service and dedication to the customer speaks for itself.


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