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How Can Loan Origination Software Help Me?

Are you struggling to manage your loan approval process? Loan origination software may be the key to streamlining your processes, saving time, and increasing productivity.  Loan origination software is essentially a platform for managing and automating different processes throughout the loan servicing cycle. These processes include loan application, document verification, […]

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About Loan Origination Software

Do you remember the times when loan applications took ages to complete? The paperwork, emails, telephone calls, and approval decisions took valuable time where you could have focused on more important things like growing your business and becoming more profitable. Also, customers would much rather be doing something enjoyable than […]

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How Does Automation Work in Loan Origination Software?

Think about how long the traditional lending process takes. Your customer must complete a loan application, you’ll process the application, evaluate risk, make underwriting decisions, and then either approve or reject the application. But it doesn’t stop there. After the loan is approved, you’ll have to pay out the funds, […]

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Breaking Down The Loan Origination Process

Your loan origination process defines who you are as a lender. Provided you’ve crafted something efficient, accurate, and equally friendly to lenders and borrowers, you’ll have landed on your secret sauce. Still, that’s all easier said than done. And there’s no magic bullet for companies in this space. Your business […]

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In These Times, In Any Times: Contactless Lending

A high-level overview to adopting a contactless lending platform and strategy. For a deeper understanding, talk to a lending technology expert today. First Things First, Mobile First How do we connect lenders and consumers without an in-person connection? The push for contactless loan origination has been at the forefront of […]

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