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FNI Blueprint™: Update Your Logo

Transcript below. Welcome to FNI’s tips and tricks section of our training videos. Today we’re going to talk about changing a logo within the system. This is of course useful if you have a change of ownership or maybe you’re just updating branding on your web pages. Let’s go ahead […]

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How Can Loan Origination Software Help Me?

Are you struggling to manage your loan approval process? Loan origination software may be the key to streamlining your processes, saving time, and increasing productivity.  Loan origination software is essentially a platform for managing and automating different processes throughout the loan servicing cycle. These processes include loan application, document verification, […]

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About Loan Origination Software

Do you remember the times when loan applications took ages to complete? The paperwork, emails, telephone calls, and approval decisions took valuable time where you could have focused on more important things like growing your business and becoming more profitable. Also, customers would much rather be doing something enjoyable than […]

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Break Down Barriers with Loan Orchestration

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