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Point of Sale Lending Revenue: Uncover Hidden Potential

There is a growing trend in online and brick and mortar retail toward consumer financing for purchases, large and small. This creates massive opportunity and revenue potential for point of sale lending, and even for non-lending product manufacturers and retailers looking to uncover additional opportunities, and gain customers that may […]

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One-Stop, Full-Service Solar Lending with FNI Blueprint™

Becoming the “favorite” in a contractor’s channel of lenders is a primary goal of many indirect lending organizations. If you are new to solar or other green lending products, establishing a best customer and contractor experience combined with good rates and integrated project plans is a great first step. So, […]

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Unleashing the Power of LOS through Data Normalization

No matter how hard you try, data silos exist within your lending ecosystem which impacts many aspects of your organization as a whole. Maybe you’ve taken a half-step and created a repository, but even then, it’s likely your data is not normalized. Data normalization allows for all quantifiable information across […]

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