Platform Flexibility & Launch Agility

The FNI Lending Toolkit

Blueprint™ L.O.S.

Industry-Leading Loan Origination Software Platform

The loan origination software platform that is built specifically for your business is already built. Experience industry-leading speed to market and platform flexibility.



Autonomy & Flexibility in Credit Strategy Management

Built for lenders of all sizes, this high performance credit decision strategy engine is enhanced with a mobile-first testing interface for speed, efficiency, and confidence.



Bureau Response
Data Integrations
Technical Consulting
Lender Training
Platform Implementation
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Integrations & Scalability

Third Party Data: Know Your Customer

The FNI lending toolkit is optimized with broad industry data integrations built directly into the platform. With more data comes more customer intelligence.

Business-Flexibility: Quickly Adapt

The FNI Blueprint Loan Origination Software platform is focused on lender autonomy. Have a quick conversation over coffee, and immediately dive in to edit workflows, scorecards, and decisioning strategies with ease.

Instant Decisioning: Capture More Leads

With the power of FNI DecisionCore™ in your lending toolkit, experience instant decisioning speeds, as well as data intelligence to make manual or mixed decisioning processes smarter.

What if Lending

Were Entirely Automated?

Scorecards Could be Improved While Your First Cup of Coffee Brews?

Tools Gave You the Ability to Lend Deeper?

Connected You with Customers, Instantly?

Strategies Could be Tested in the Background Without Disrupting Your Enterprise?

What if everything on your lending wishlist was already checked off? Managing needs and wants for all departments in a loan origination workflow can be a real task. But, what if these needs and wants could be met—and exceeded? Building custom workflows, managing robust reports, integrating with third party data sources, and even automating credit decisions should be a snap.

We’d like to show you how.

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Customer Success Stories

We're living in a completely different lending world and we have a lending partner in FNI that allows us to adapt to every new technology as it comes.

Tom A., CEO

Great American Finance Company

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