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For more than three decades, the loan origination experts at FNI have been building fast and efficient software platforms to suit the specific needs of the companies we work with.

Our experience in automotive, solar, retail, and finance, has provided us with the research and tools necessary to create the powerful platform that we build upon today.

We are a full-service, in-house team that builds, secures, and supports your loan origination platform. The build-out process is just the beginning. Your business and your platform should expand and change with one another. FNI is committed to providing ongoing support and updates to our clients to ensure that they enjoy a secure, up-to-date experience for our lenders.

Reliable security and application features are our standard. Our clients benefit from a continued relationship with our support team to ensure that their platform evolves along with their business.

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Our Mission & Values

The team at FNI works hard every day to help our customers thrive in a complex and changing financial world by pairing industry experience with high-quality solutions that increase their efficiency, enables innovation, and empowers them to make better, faster credit decisions. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We stand by the work we do and relationships we create. Our people display an attitude of integrity and trust. This relates to both the concept of building and maintaining secure software, and being proactive and earning our clients’ trust. Succeeding through perseverance is how our team ensures the highest possible quality of work, while continually improving FNI, and our clients, alike.

Our Team

Clinton W. Lane III

Chairman and President

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Mark Eichholz
relationship manager director CONNECT ON LINKEDIN
Pat Sabisch
software development director CONNECT ON LINKEDIN
Mike Salter
Director of Software Development
chief executive officer CONNECT ON LINKEDIN
Phil Mazza
Senior Advisor

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