What is the Credit Workbench and How can it Take your Loan Decisioning to the Next Level?

The Credit Workbench is a user-friendly interface that neatly organizes all facets of the application process into categories. Categories commonly seen in the application process include those for applicant data, bureau information, third party information, and more. The Credit Workbench enables users to quickly find information and determine where more information may be required from the applicant. In addition, the Credit Workbench can be configured to only show the items that you need for your role, whether that’s analyst, underwriter, or manager.


Relevant Information at the Ready

The Credit Workbench in FNI Blueprint is configurable by role, so that you can focus on the information that you need. You can display or hide information to streamline the decisioning process for everyone. This enables your employees to focus on what they need and work more efficiently and productively.


User Friendly Interface

Most users will be able to use the Credit Workbench right away. Besides organizing information into categories, the Credit Workbench in FNI Blueprint is also color-coded so that you can find applicable items at a glance. Special symbols denote required information, completed tasks, and items that are for informational use only. Your users will only see the information they need to see.


When Human Intervention is Needed

There will be times when someone will need to look at an application. The Credit Workbench makes it easy to switch between manual and automated processes when necessary. In addition, the Credit Workbench tracks the history of every application that goes through your system from start to finish.

Optimize Your Decisioning Process with the Credit Workbench

How Does the Credit Workbench Work for You?

Configurable Design

The Credit Workbench is completely configurable to only show you the information you need. Keep moving efficiently without wading through unnecessary information.

Attention Grabbing Notifications

The Credit Workbench uses color-coding and symbols to quickly alert you to items that need attention. These devices are intuitive and you should be able to use them intuitively.

Automation Included

Many of the tasks in the Credit Workbench can be automated. You decide how little or how much automation to include, and switch easily between automated and manual.

Update as Needed

The Credit Workbench is easily updated through the Administration module included in Blueprint. Decide how much or how little information to show based on user roles.

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Frequent Questions

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Can I change the information visible to users on the Credit Workbench?

The FNI BluePrint Credit Workbench is completely configurable. You will decide what appears on the Workbench. Using DecisionCore and the Blueprint Admin module, you can change and update the information that appears on the Credit Workbench to be consistent with your business’ offerings and user roles. And because you will be making these changes, you will decide when they happen.

How do I access applications in Credit Workbench?

The FNI Blueprint Credit Workbench contains work queues to which all applications are routed. Some queues come with Workbench right out of the box, but you have the ability to create as many queues as you need to conduct business. Users can access applications in order from oldest to newest, or they can use the Search feature to locate a specific application.

Will I need to go through all information for every application in the Credit Workbench?

Using DecisionCore, you can choose to automate as many tasks on the FNI Blueprint Credit Workbench as you want. Some clients try to go for full automation and only require manual intervention in the case of fraud verification or other occurrences on an application, while others choose to leave some tasks as manual for each application. The decision to automate is up to you.

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