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FNI Blueprint Solar Loan Origination Software

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Solar Loan Origination Software

Instant Decisioning

Whether solar lenders are making decisions in the field, or from the office, the Blueprint platform responds with a fast and accurate decision.


FNI Solar Blueprint is a loan origination software platform that continually grows along with the needs of solar lenders and the solar industry.


Integrating our software with finance and solar industry partners like Sighten for data standardization add value, speed, and efficiency to the lending platform.

Fraud Services

The Blueprint loan origination platform has fraud services directly built-in to maintain data integrity and provide accurate consumer identification.

Strategy Engine

The FNI strategy engine is the proprietary software algorithm that allows us to stand confidently behind the industry leading, fast, and accurate decisions of our platform.

Credit Workbench

Providing lenders with a dashboard of applications and the ability to make manual credit decisions ensures that all bases are covered in the credit approval process.

Automated Valuation Model

We have integrated the Corelogic AVM directly into our platform to enhance the software’s property valuation and risk management tools.

Bureau Integrations

Our list of bureau integration partners includes all industry standards to ensure that we are referencing accurate consumer data in every credit decision made.

Empower Your Solar Business

The FNI Solar Loan Origination Software Platform

The FNI Blueprint solar loan origination software product is as dynamic as the industry itself. We have been able to shed light on the solar financing process through our decades of experience in a variety of industries. Understanding that solar loans are viewed as a sizable decision made at a variety of locations, FNI Solar Blueprint revolves around the concepts of speed, and mobility. Providing an easy to use platform for both the consumer and the lender is at the center of our platform priorities.


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Committed to Support

Your Loan Origination Team

A Solar Lending Partner

Our Adaptable Team

Our dedicated project team is a true partner for our solar lending customers. Continuing conversations and making continuous product improvements are the key to evolving along with this very dynamic industry. We know the intricacies of solar lending and have the ability to act as a continuous resource, consultant, and advocate for our current and future software customers. Constant communication, relationship management, and our knowledgeable staff place us light years above loan origination competitors when it comes to ongoing customer service.

From our Partners

Customer Success Story

We chose FNI due to their deep consumer credit expertise, which allowed us to build a highly configurable institutional platform without a large upfront capital investment. The FNI team worked side-by-side with our team through every step to quickly react to new opportunities that have helped us grow our business. Their service and dedication to the customer speaks for itself.


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