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Looking for the FNI Blueprint LOS platform?

FNI Blueprint LOS is great for businesses and institutions looking to configure a loan origination platform with out-of-the-box, industry-leading speed to market.

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FNI Architect Loan Origination Software


The experience that our team brings to the table of working within a variety of industries and applications allows us to provide flexible recommendations that create a strong LOS platform.

Platform Evolution

Part of the advanced LOS build process is planning for the future. Your loan origination software platform should grow along with your business, and that’s what we plan for.

Dedicated, Experienced Team

Our full-service team builds, secures, and supports a full-customized loan origination software platform, built on the specific requirements of your business.

Full Customization

Starting with the baseline features of the FNI Blueprint platform, our Architect service is an enhanced origination experience, featuring business-specific requirements and workflow.

Fraud Services

Our third-party integration partners include a variety of fraud protection services, built directly into your advanced LOS platform. Data integrity and safety is paramount.

Credit Workbench

A customizable credit application dashboard allows for lenders to have full access to credit decisions, and to use this interface for when manual decisioning is important.

FNI Strategy Engine

Through many years of research and development, our credit decisioning strategy platform provides accurate and secure credit decisions with industry-leading response time.

Bureau Integrations

Integrating with all major credit and consumer information bureaus ensures that lending decisions are being made with the most up-to-date and secure information available.

Strong Foundation

We build customized LOS platforms on our industry-leading FNI Blueprint base.

When lenders are looking for very specific features or a fully customized decisioning process, the FNI Architect loan origination software service is a great fit.

The Architect service takes our proven and tested FNI Blueprint platform and builds fully custom features directly on top of the existing framework for a configurable and feature-rich origination environment.

Building on an existing product framework ensures that we are accounting for baseline features, and including our customers’ business-specific features with fast and efficient production. Each and every lender has their own priority set. This is why we consider it our important job to help define these priorities and provide the best solution for our customers. The Architect service places our expert loan origination software design and development team at your disposal, for a fully customized platform that fits your specific needs. Our project discovery is a consultation in which we ask questions that our clients may not have thought of, in order to gather requirements and define feature sets and ultimately build the most powerful loan origination software platform that evolves along with the needs of their business.

Like any FNI loan origination product or service, the FNI Architect service gives our lenders the ability to make the best credit decision, to do so as efficiently and accurately as possible. Day in and day out.

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Customer Success Story

In my nearly ten years in the industry, I have yet to meet their match in customer service. Once I began working with the FNI team, it was obvious right away that they wouldn’t stop until our product was perfect.