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Banking and Finance Loan Origination Software

Instant Decisioning

A primary asset of the FNI Strategy Engine is the ability for instant decisions. Financial institutions have the option to return a credit decision in just moments, or take a manual approach.


Banking and finance institutions don’t live in a box, and neither does our loan origination platform. Configure our platform to fit within your defined decisions process, and see how it grows with you.

Variable Automation

A decisioning process with varying levels of automation means that applications are reviewed in a manner that fits directly into our banking and finance customers existing and dynamic workflow.

Credit Workbench

Receiving applications from diverse channels is important in consumer finance. The credit workbench gives an interactive snapshot of all available application data.

Up-to-Date Integrations

FNI is consistently adding to our list of integration partners to ensure that the FNI Blueprint platform is up-to-date in security and accuracy of the data that our customers need.

Content Management System

The FNI Blueprint finance loan origination software platform is built with a variety of simple content configurations in mind, including custom branding and messaging options.

FNI Strategy Engine

Our team of origination strategy experts have developed a powerful decision engine over the last few decades, providing industry-leading accuracy of origination decisions.

Bureau Integrations

Accuracy of decision is of the utmost importance in consumer finance. We have strong partnerships with all major credit bureaus for a confident and accurate origination decision.

FNI Unsecured Finance Loan Origination

Security and Accuracy for Your Organization

The FNI Finance Blueprint loan origination software platform is designed with speed and accuracy of judgment in mind. Decision accuracy is extremely important in unsecured finance. The FNI Strategy Engine paired with the ability for easy manual decisioning through the Credit Workbench ensures that each and every decision is correct, and fits within our banking and finance customers workflow. Fraud protection is another major area of focus for FNI and our finance customers. The FNI Blueprint platform has a list of integration partners for identity verification and fraud analysis, ensuring that customers are submitting accurate information while protecting our finance customers.


Learn about our LOS Architect service.

Committed to Support

Your Loan Origination Team

A Team of Finance Experts

Your Dedicated Account Partners

The FNI Blueprint banking and finance loan Origination Platform is built with the scalability of your organization in mind. The framework has been laid in order for simple configurations to be made to the platform, without additional software development, as your business grows. When more advanced updates do need to be made or mandatory security patches are initiated, our finance customers benefit from a dedicated team of account managers. The reason why we can confidently offer ongoing support and loan origination insights to banking and finance institutions is because we do it every single day.

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Customer Success Story

In my nearly ten years in the industry, I have yet to meet their match in customer service. Once I began working with Melanie and her team, it was obvious right away that they wouldn’t stop until our product was perfect. Not once in our development have I met a question that couldn’t be answered, or a change that couldn’t be made.

Krystal, Controller

Whitestone Financial