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FNI Blueprint Retail Loan Origination Software

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Retail Loan Origination Software

Instant Decisioning

Fast and accurate credit decisions ensure that sales are made and can even contribute to an increase in retail sales for our customers.

Content Management System

Our retail customers invest in their brands. Give your customers the same quality brand experience in loan origination with custom branding and other content-based options.

Fraud Services

Combining our platform security with trusted integration partners ensures that the data and customer identity information is accurate, for the right, secure credit decision.

High Application Volume

During high-sales seasons, your credit origination should keep up. Our platform is built fast and lean to ensure that all volume levels are handled.

FNI Strategy Engine

The FNI strategy engine is the backbone of our loan origination platform. The strategy behind your credit decisions is what makes them fast and accurate, every single time.

User Interface

A well-designed software user interface ensures that form submissions and credit decisioning is made simple for retail customers and sales associates alike.

Dealer Portal

The configurable FNI Blueprint dealer portal allows for administrators to view credit application data at glance and make adjustments without additional software development.

Bureau Integrations

The FNI Retail Blueprint platform is integrated with all major credit bureaus for accuracy in decisions and total control over the credit scoring process.

FNI Retail Loan Origination

An Extension of Your Retail Sales Team

The FNI Blueprint loan origination software platform benefits from over 30 years of experience in the retail industry. We believe that credit origination software should act as an extension of the sales team, ensuring that accurate information is being used in order to make the right credit decision, and send the customer home, happy. Accurate and fast credit decisions have a direct correlation to an increase in retail sales, and the FNI Retail Blueprint loan origination software platform does exactly that. Accompanied with a robust set of retail-specific features, behind a clean, easy-to-use, interface, makes for a streamlined process in every credit decision.


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Committed to Support

Your Loan Origination Team

A Partnership Beyond the Sale

Our Dedicated Retail Service Team

Speaking retail is ingrained in the vocabulary of our dedicated account management team. Many of the FNI team members have direct experience in retail financing and are able to lend decades of experiences and insights when it comes to credit decisions and platform evolution. Our team continues to act as a partner with retail organizations once the platform is up and running. This applies to ensuring that the FNI Blueprint loan origination software platform is continuing to operate efficiently and accurately, but also in providing consultation to our retail customers. We believe that our platform and dedicated team combine to be a true partner for retailers.