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10 Critical Trends in Fintech for 2019, Part I

With the first half of 2019 (and decades before that) under our belt, we continue to take a look at what is working in fintech, and where things are headed next. Focus areas like customer experience, design, and information security continue to be important for leaders in the lending space, […]

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The Revolution of Fintech Data Access

The world of finance as we know it is rapidly changing. Increased accessibility to consumer and small business credit data is one clear factor in this industry evolution. Thanks to greater fintech data access, existing organizations can adapt faster, and new startups can break into the market with less barrier […]

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What’s in Store: The Future of Retail Credit Origination

The State of Retail Credit Origination Three bags in each hand. Screaming children. Long lines. Screaming children in long lines. You say to yourself, “Did I remember that thing…?” And all of a sudden, those five words every shopper during the busiest retail season of the year is dreaming of: […]

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Employment Verification Partners: FNI and The Work Number

Employment Verification with Reliable Data Auto lenders need to be able to engage in employment verification as quickly and as accurately as possible. Even more importantly, lenders must be able to access the individual’s employment verification records and authenticate their current income in order to deliver an accurate lending decision. […]

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Introducing FNI DecisionCore™

Introducing lender autonomy and our smartest, most powerful decision engine.
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